BS 102000

BS 102000 Code of Practice for the Provision of Investigative Services

WHAT IS BS 102000?

BS 102000 – Code of practice for the provision of investigative services was published in 2013. Whilst not mandatory the standard provides a framework to demonstrate the integrity of your business. To comply with the standard you will need to demonstrate the following: that you have a clearly defined management structure; that you work to a code of conduct; that your business meets all appropriate legislative requirements; and that you have the necessary finances, resources, competence and insurance in place to provide a quality service.

As an independent UKAS accredited certification body, we can audit your business to ISO 9001:2015 and include the new code of practice as part of your scope. This will give you a UKAS accredited certificate as evidence that your operations are backed up by a quality management system and you are meeting the stringent requirements of industry-recognised standards.


Why choose BS 102000?

·        Demonstrates that you have a clearly defined management structure showing control and accountability at each level of operation in place
·        Demonstrates your compliance with legal requirements, such as the Data Protection Act 1998, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act and the Bribery Act
·        Provides external confidence in your organisation’s capabilities and that you have the appropriate skills, knowledge and security screening in place to operate with integrity


Why choose Alcumus ISOQAR for your certification?

·        UKAS accredited services demonstrating our competence and impartiality

·        Our Expert Auditors’ industry experience is matched to your organisation’s activity, enabling you to get the most out of your assessment

·        Our audit fees are among the lowest in our sector

·        We provide audits and answer queries quickly and efficiently

·        We offer a consistent and professional service resulting in a practical and meaningful audit experience

·        We have an enviable record for customer satisfaction

·        Besides having Egypt based auditors, we can also deliver certification audits internationally

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