PAS 3002 Code of practice on improving health and wellbeing within an organisation

What is PAS 3002?

PAS 3002 is a code of practice that supports the physical and psychological health of your workforce.

It provides a benchmark for your organisation, regardless of sector or size, and describes how health and wellbeing should be embedded into your environment. Significantly, it also brings mental health into the sphere of wellbeing.

PAS 3002 also helps tackle ‘presenteeism’, where employees attend work whilst not fully fit to do so, causing longer term harm to themselves and the organisation.

As well as helping you meet your legal and moral responsibilities to protect your workforce from harm, PAS 3002 helps improve organisational performance.

Why seek PAS 3002 certification?

·        Capitalise on diversity and inclusion (since unfairness is a hazard at work)
·        Proactively support the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of workers
·        Foster a work culture that offers strong, ethical relationships, a collaborative and communicative management style, and an organisational culture in which learning and development are encouraged
·        Ensure jobs are designed so that they offer meaningful work
·        Support good people management policies and practices
Benefits of PAS 3002 certification
·        It’s the right thing to do – Reduces ill-health and improves wellbeing, helping you fulfil your moral duty as a responsible employer.
·        Enhanced business performance – Sickness is reduced, boosting productivity and profitability.
·        A better place to work – Creates a more attractive place to work, helping recruit and retain the best talent.
·        Legal compliance – Supports your legal responsibility to protect your workforce from harm.

·        Better management decisions – PAS 3002 is evidence-based, meaning you are well informed to make rational business decisions.
·        Strengthens ISO 45001 – The code is an excellent fit with ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management, combining to create a comprehensive health, safety and wellbeing system which can be audited together.

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